Supporting Parents and Families - Foremost!

Our primary objectives are to conduct quality research and run services helping parents & guardians build a safer future for our children - in spite of adversity, or financial hardship. We will have new parenting services and workshops commencing 2021. 


We support parents, guardians and would-be parents - first and foremost. We also run a research arm which feeds into and supports our primary work.


We partner with individuals, charities, institutes & other organisations who provide relevant local services.

Avenues Youth Project

Real Action - Education Charity


Are you a parent with school-aged children who might be vulnerable to negative influences or behind with their reading and writing? Do you think your child might be at risk of making poor choices that might eventually lead them to street crime, violence, joining gangs or other anti-social behaviour? 

If you think RDF might be able to help, and you would like to know more about us or our partners' services, why not become a RDF Parents Member and/or complete the Parents Enquiry Form below.

Parents/Guardians Members Book List

The books in this list make recommended reading for parents registered with RDF - who live in poverty or are financially challenged.

Helpful Organisations

Some organisations we think worth checking out
RDF Charity, C/O Michael Gebremedhin, 343 Harrow Road, London W9 3RA
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