Would you like to take part in an online Book Exchange club?

We need to encourage our children to read traditional paper books - now more than ever. During the Lockdown, our children have spent enormous amounts of time studying and reading online. 

RDF would like to encourage more reading of actual books; the type that children can hold in their hands and turn the pages with their fingers. It's healthy and fun. On this page we will list books we recommend for children to read and also recommend books for parents.

Many libraries were closed down in recent years and those still around had to reduce service or close due to the pandemic. It is not always necessary to purchase books, though naturally we encourage enjoyable trips to your local book shop or to the super book stores like Waterstones. For a limited period, we are working in partnership with an online Book Exchange Club.

At Lockdown Book Exchange you can: Exchange Books, Borrow Books, Lend Books, Minimise Screen Time.

If you're on Instagram you can follow it:  @lockdown_book_exchange

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