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For fee based Membership types and our ticketed events

(Last updates: 4th July and 13th August 2021)

The Roger Diamond Foundation (RDF) is an education and research charity. Herein referred to as ‘The Roger Diamond Foundation’ or ‘RDF’ or ‘us’. We are not-for-profit organisation. Any fees received in regard to donations, memberships or attending events etc. are strictly applied to administrative costs, core costs and other costs incurred to run our charitable services, or for raising funds to run such services. Fundraising costs may include hiring venues, fundraising digital apps, venue equipment etc. Whatever the costs, they are for charitable purposes only.

Free Memberships

If your type of Membership at the time of registering was advertised as free on our website - then references to payments herein do not apply to you for the period of the free membership. Free membership is usually for a minimum of one year or as advertised. At the end of the Membership period you may be offered a renewal (by an automated system) and may have another free period if that is on offer, otherwise you can renew your membership at the price advertised on our website at the point of renewal. 

Organisation Memberships 

The benefits of Organisation Memberships are currently more or less the same as those for Individual Memberships. The main differences are: 

1) A Membership subscription fee is normally applied - the details of which are published on our main website (www.rdfcharity.org.uk). 

2) The minimum fee of £7 - as at July 2021 (for example) - allows up to 7 affiliate Members.  Each of those Members receive the equivalent benefits as does a Member with an individual Membership. 

Membership Benefits

Membership mainly has two types of Benefit: 

1) Beneficiary type Benefits i.e. Parent and General Memberships. 

2) Supporter type Benefits. Supporters may benefit more from their Memberships after the relaxing of Government imposed restrictions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis of 2020-21. 

We may be able to organise special and splendid events for Supporter Members - once normality resumes. Membership benefits may change from time-to-time according to circumstances - but those changes will always be mentioned here, via emails to our Members and/or on our main website - www.rdfcharity.org.uk. 

Discounted, 'Pay as You Go' and free services 

Discounted, 'Pay as You Go' and free services are provided to beneficiaries individually on a case-by-case and availability basis. That decision will usually be made by the Project Manager if any, and/or the CEO, and/or the Chairman of Trustees of RDF - the details of which are usually published on our main website (www.rdfcharity.org.uk) at any given time. 

Changing Memberships at renewal date

When your type of Online Membership has come to an end you may be able to choose a different type of RDF Membership provided it is relevant to you and you qualify for that Membership.

Membership Application Process in General

After an initial Online Membership application has been accepted by The Roger Diamond Foundation, and the subscription paid if applicable for the current year, the new member having created a log-in password will be provided with access to online resources and will be sent automated email confirmation of Membership.

Applications which do not meet the membership category criteria, will be reviewed by the Chairman or another member of the Trustees Board. If not accepted, the applicant will usually be informed. However, The Roger Diamond Foundation does not have a legal obligation to provide the applicant a reason for not accepting their application for membership.

It is the duty of members to advise The Roger Diamond Foundation (RDF) in writing of any change in personal circumstances that could lead to a change in their subscription rate/s or ticket prices. For example, to notify us if you cease to qualify for a free or reduced subscription rate or event ticket.

Monthly or Yearly Payments (if applicable)

If you wish to pay for your membership on a monthly or yearly basis, a direct debit mandate can be set up though the well-known automated online processing company 'GoCardless' via our website (www.rdfcharity.org.uk). This is a simple and secure, well known, online payment processing system linked to our website (www.rdfcharity.org.uk). All personal data is secure and encrypted using SSL technology. 

One-off Payments (if applicable)

If you wish to pay for your annual membership on a one-off basis – you can do so using ‘Stripe’ (a simple and secure automated online system) via the membership registration links on our website (www.rdfcharity.org.uk). All personal data is secure and encrypted using SSL technology. 

Newsletters & Updates 

Membership to The Roger Diamond Foundation (RDF) includes automatically subscribing to us for email updates and/or receiving newsletters from us. If you wish to unsubscribe to updates and newsletters – you can do so at any time via the Membership Subscription Account facility, or alternatively in writing to the RDF Chairman by emailing: [email protected] 

Membership Cancellations 

You may cancel your Membership at any time. If Membership is cancelled at any time during the year, no refunds for the year of cancellation will be issued. RDF does not provide refunds if the member decides to cancel. But if in the unlikely event RDF cancels the Membership then we may be able to provide refunds if our funds and circumstances allow.

Membership Renewals / Applications 

Membership is usually for 12 months, at the end of which you will be invited to renew. If you have paid for your Membership, and you wish to renew for another year, an automated email requesting pre-authorisation of membership payments may ask if you wish to renew & for completion of your bank details to facilitate annual subscription payments.

All personal data is secure and encrypted using SSL technology. The collection of subscriptions will be automatic thereafter, unless The Roger Diamond Foundation (RDF) is notified of cancellation. Prior to every due payment, an email will be issued in advance giving you adequate time to change the instruction, should you wish. 

RDF Events General Process

Events are usually bookable via the rdfcharity.org.uk website and links contained in marketing communication emails from The Roger Diamond Foundation (RDF).

Ticket & Events Refunds Policy

Currently, our external events are usually organised through external or third-party venues or via an online app. By default, subject to the venue or app provider stipulating otherwise, we cannot provide or issue refunds for cancellations. Sometimes a venue may offer refunds for cancellations that apply to the tickets we issue – when this is the case, it will be made clear in writing on our website, or at the point of you purchasing the tickets, or in any separate Terms and Conditions provided by us at the time of advertising the event.

Late ticket Purchase Policy

Occasionally a very limited number of spaces may be available on the day and payment can be made by credit card via our website or cash at the time. However, any additional spaces cannot be guaranteed. Please check the RDF website for such updated information, or ask when you arrive at the event’s door.

Data collection

Data is collected for three purposes:

1) To assess eligibility and correct category for membership

2) To allow The Roger Diamond Foundation (RDF) to provide support and resources to its members.

3) To provide information about the charity’s work, research, events, courses, workshops, projects etc. to members or non-members who opted-in to receiving our communications.

Privacy Policy

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