Parenting Support & Guidance Charity

(Helping Parents & Guardians Build a Safer Future for our Children)

Almost daily we hear of UK's knife-crime epidemic. Today, many children and young people in tough neighbourhoods risk choices that might lead them to street crime, anti-social behaviour, or just do poorly at school. What can parents/guardians do to guide or help redirect them?

Wouldn't it be lovely to see a world where in spite of natural flaws, environmental challenges or financial hardships, all children grew up to be the best adults they could possibly be?

Our Mission is to help as many UK parents, guardians and would-be-parents as possible to be better at parenting, with the goal that their children do not get involved in gang crime or knife crime, etc. (in spite of adversity, financial or relationship based hardships).

Nature or Nurture? This is a frequent question. RDF focuses on assisting the nurturing process from parents and guardians. The RDF charity provides holistic advice sessions and workshops guiding parents and guardians - towards possibly becoming super-parents.

Our services support parents, guardians and would-be parents - first and foremost.

Wherever possible, we also give recommendations as to high quality extra-mural classes to help their children have better chances for success in life. Classes for example in: Literacy, Maths, Acoustic Music, Dance and Art.

To achieve our objectives, we're building teams of experts, volunteers and high quality partnerships. With help from surveys, psychologists, youth workers and parents, we're always researching deeper and deeper into the source reasons, as well as solutions for knife and youth gang crime, etc... If you'd like to know more or get involved - please subscribe to our emails or contact us.

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