Roger previously founded and managed two successful charities during the last four decades. The first was "18th Brocade Performing Arts Workshop" in the borough of Haringey where he lived. His 18th Brocade logo was symbolic, meaning the best from all knowledge, races and cultures. The second is the popular education charity "Real Action" based in Westminster founded over 23 years ago. The charity keeps growing. It works in state schools and has three of its own Saturday Schools delivering the Butterfly Literacy programme which on average increases reading ages by over one year in less than 20 hours.

Roger has over 44 years experience in youth & community work service in Haringey and West London. Taught to read classical music as a child, with a background of playing keyboards in successful British reggae bands (one of which reached number two in the UK charts). Roger still practises the piano, developing skills that enable him to perform occasionally as a solo artist and in Jazz bands.

In the 70's certain types of institutional racism came to a peak in Boroughs such as Haringey, so Roger joined one of the campaigns for equal rights and justice. Roger lived next to Broadwater Farm Council Estate and witnessed first-hand the terrific infamous riot there on 6th October 1985 that sparked off other large riots throughout the UK. The social issues that fuelled this had been a concern of his for some time but he believed in peaceful solutions so he founded his first charity in 1979. He prioritised charity work instead of a fruitful music career due to such overpowering circumstances because inwardly he felt he had no other choice. 

Roger is from a similar background and community that a lot of boys who get involved in gang/drug crime and street violence are from. Having spent several years also as a playwright and journalist, he is very passionate about finding effective solutions for reducing the causes anti-social street gangs, drug trade and knife crime etc.

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